Edupacís vision is to empower all schools in Africa with a sustainable, integrated School Management Software solution. To bring this colossal vision to fruition, Edupac partnered with Hp as a HP Consortium member and NEPAD e-Schools project sponsor 2005.

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Welcome to SchoolLink

An integrated, multi-user, web-based School Management Software solution that meets all curricular, academic, financial, and administrative requirements of the Education market.

Designed for Schools.

SchoolLink is the first Web based system designed specifically for African schools. It is also suitable for private schools. Offering a wide array of complementary features, SchoolLink offers added services and significant savings to the education system. An all-inclusive monthly support and upgrade plan makes SchoolLink affordable to most schools around the world.

Superior performance.

SchoolLink is an innovative Web based school management information system that dramatically improves a school's ability to deliver access to school management information. SchoolLink is cost-effective, regardless of the school's location.

System Features.
  • Internet Protocol support to schools from the Edupac helpdesk
  • High Quality
  • SchoolLink
  • Fast access to the learner and parental profiles.
  • SchoolLink offers a full financial solution for schools
Administration Module

Consists of the General Ledger, Budget, Debtor's Ledger, Creditor's Ledger and Stock & Assets
Financial Module

Consists of the General Ledger, Budget, Debtor's Ledger, Creditor's Ledger and Stock & Assets
Software Reporting

Consists of EMIS Statistics, Timetable, Library / Media, Year Planner, Remote Marks and SMS Module 
Software Add-Ons

There are more than 400 predefined report templates with filter selections to create specified reports.
Hardware Required
The most basic hardware and network requirements that you need, in order to get started on the School Management Software Solution, SchoolLink!